Cancellation waiver

We can provide optional cancellation waiver (£50 including VAT) in the event of a move being cancelled within 10 days of the moving date and incurring charges, as detailed below.

There are many reasons why a move may be cancelled, and some circumstances may be beyond your control, but you will still be liable to pay charges to us if you cancel your move within 10 days of the contracted move date, as detailed in Paragraph 7 of our Terms and Conditions. For your peace of mind we offer our Cancellation Waiver which means you will not have to pay any cancellation fee, should you have to cancel your move. If you also purchase insurance then this would not have to be paid for again. This Cancellation Waiver only applies once. We agree to waive the charges in Paragraph 7 upon payment by you of the Cancellation Waiver charge. The waiver is conditional upon us receiving written notice of the cancellation at the latest by 17:00 hrs on the preceding working day before work commences. The Cancellation Waiver charge must be paid in advance of the work and will entitle you to one cancellation.

To apply for cancellation waiver, tick the relevant box on the printed Customer Terms and Conditions Acceptance form or on the online form.