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Relocating from one factory or office to another is a highly specialised operation that has to be performed with almost military precision to ensure that the company minimises down time, either in production or the service they provide. At James Removals we are often involved in such operations and our extensive fleet of vehicles and workforce is very useful when moving large quantities of office and light factory equipment. We have access to several more specialised vehicles and hire in cranes wherever necessary for larger items of equipment or where access is limited.


IT removal and relocation is a speciality and often combined with a general office move. In some cases companies rely on us to deal with the whole removal and reinstallation of hardware and furniture. James Removals is pleased to announce that it is now teamed up with a major IT installation company to undertake these more complex moves. Where disposal of outdated hardware is required, we operate a strict environmental approach by recycling through appropriate quarters.


The storage of documents, film or some older magnetic media requires specialised container services combined with access on a regular basis. Where possible, archiving to more modern forms of media such as CD is seen as the most reliable long term solution – nevertheless James Removals is happy to quote on any of your archiving needs.

Relocating Staff

Where staff members are involved in one relocation, James Removals is pleased to quote a discounted rate on standard domestic charges – discounts from 20% apply for five or more employees.