About James Removals


James’ father John built up a solid business serving the local community with two vehicles. Times have changed... nevertheless, the philosophy of honest dealing and fair practice that James absorbed as a youngster has become a cornerstone of the James Removal company which is a modern nationwide multi-vehicle business.


James as we said became familiar with removals at an age when most boys are just out of short trousers. He was often on the van with his dad going out whenever he could. School work was not neglected though and he gained two A levels before going on to college for a year’s foundation course in business management. He started his own business shortly after and the rest, as they say, is history...

Sounds like an echo: Jamie and James are virtually lifelong friends; some would say they are inseparable. Jamie is the quiet one, as some might have it, but don’t be fooled when a particularly difficult move needs organising: Jamies is right there.

Aka Jamie's Dad. Well, everyone has one... In this case, dad is there to oil the wheels and make sure everything runs smoothly. Having been on the vans for years, there isn’t much he doesn’t know: he now runs the computerised booking and scheduling for over seventy removals per week (without breaking sweat).

“The best firm I’ve ever worked for” – these are his own words. Glen has been in the business for thirty years and during that time he has worked for some of the largest companies around. For nearly five years, though, he has by his own admission got the perfect job. He is amazed by the lack of breakages and how smoothly the company works.

Main men (and women)
At James Removals there is a tradition of strong women. Ann, James' mother being the initiator of a policy which has proved very popular with many of our female and male customers who appreciate that feminine touch. Sally co-ordinates our packing staff now and, where customers feel more comfortable having a woman doing the packing, she personally steps in.