How much will I pay and are there any concealed costs?
No, we operate a system which is all-inclusive and includes estimating, insurance, boxes, packing materials and tape.

Are you insured?
Yes, fully.

What happens if there is a breakage?
It’s a rare occurrence – we really are that careful. In the unlikely event of this happening, all breakage claims are dealt with efficiently and amicably.

Do you supply packing boxes and packing materials?
We supply a whole range of protective equipment including various -sized boxes, garment carriers, tape, bubble wrap and packing paper. Any special requirements are attended to.

Can you do my packing?
Yes, we have trained staff including female packers for those customers who feel more comfortable with that arrangement.

Do your staff smoke on the job?
No, all our well-trained staff have strict codes of conduct in respect of behaviour and dress which includes not smoking while working. We also have a non-smoking crew available.

What about storage?
We have very extensive storage arrangements; in fact, about ten per cent of our business involves some sort of storage – we can offer you the best rates available, whilst providing quick and efficient access.

Pianos: I have a grand piano – does it present any problems?
Well, moving pianos is highly specialised; we often move them, but it does involve a lot of expertise and there will be an extra charge involved.

Estimates: I work late – can you come and see me after hours?
Yes, we often don’t finish estimating with customers until after 9 pm. including weekends.

How many vehicles do you have?
12 in total, six of which are containerised and one containerised trailer. Our vehicles range from 2.5 to 21.5 tons. Our latest is 7.5 tons and fully equipped for long distance and overnight work with built-in living quarters for the removal staff plus a towing facility... it was built by the foremost removal body company in Europe.

How many staff do you have?
22 in total, all trained removal people with a wealth of experience between them.

What about moving abroad?
No problem, we have moved people as far as Poland and, of course, all over Europe.

What happens if you break down?
All of our vehicles are up-to-date modern stock with impeccable road records, so it’s unlikely. In any case, we are covered by an international breakdown and recovery company and have Careline insurance available.