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Moving in the City
Setting off from the yard
En route
Cab detail
James Removals vehicle
Loading a vehicle
Packing materials
Carrying a wrapped sofa
Fleet outside head office
Moving home
Parked outside
Car transport
Driving at night
Part of the fleet
A narrow passage
Entering Scotland
leaving England
Packing cases on our vehicles
Driving up the ramp
Car transportation
Parked outside a house
Going through a town
Waiting to load up
Loading up
Setting off
In the countryside
More of the fleet
Close-up of the cab
On the road again
A dramatic angle
Night driving
More night driving
parked at a motoring event
parked at a motoring event 2
parked at a motoring event 3
In the snow
Headquarters in the snow
Country lanes
Driving abroad
Side and rear view
Charlotte Louise
Louise Anne
Chloe Jay
Early training
At the yard
Cab interior
Vehicle parked
On the job
Ready to load
Winding roads
Parked en route
In a blizzard
Outside in the snow
Off-road parking
At the show
Leather seats
Staff with vehicles
Vehicles at the yard
The piano's on my foot
More wrapping
Ready to go
On parade
View from the raod
Side and front view
BAR logo on cab
Close-up at the yeard
leafy location
Driving down the drive
Preparing to load
Moving boxes
parked at the yard
Front view
Driving on the continent
near St Pauls
near St Pauls 2
Airbrushing on the cab
Low angle
Another dramatic angle
member of the team
More airbrushing
Another low angle