Large items

Large bath

When moving your home or office there's often an item or two that is too large or heavy and that will simply not go through your door. Our customers and large contracts naturally rely on our expertise to solve such problems. In fact, we are often called upon by large household names for assistance when what was originally meant to be a straightforward delivery has had to be returned.
One of the specialist services that James Removals can provide is the capability to move furniture or heavy items, such as pianos, stone baths or sofas, in or out through windows, upper French doors or onto balconies. Sometimes it's a case of relocating machinery, safes or plants just a few feet. Whatever the job, we use specially-designed relevant machinery for each job, whether it's a hoist, platform lift, hiab, ladder lift or even a crane.

Extra tall craneCrane in action

Moving a pianoTall crane