The move

Pianos a speciality
Protective stair covers
Export packing
Mattress cover
Picture crate
Moving a sofa
Unlaoding boxes
Part of the fleet
Narrow lanes

Vehicles for every job

The key to sucessful and cost-effective removals is flexibility and reliability. At James removals we pride ourselves on being in the forefront of modern removal companies and have designed our lorry fleet around that philosophy. We have very modern vehicles, four of which are containerised. All are purpose-built and smartly custom-finished in the James Removals house style. The choice of vehicle is very important in making an efficient and economical move; for instance, access for large vehicles often precludes a one-vehicle move and therefore two smaller vehicles are employed. Conversely, if you are taking a lifetime’s possessions abroad, then a fleetliner is probably necessary.


All our very experienced staff are clean and smartly dressed, in keeping with the modern image of our company. It’s not just good enough to look good... we also understand how important it is to handle client’s furniture with care. We therefore apply rigorous standards of training through our designated programme for all new staff. This ensures that the essentials of care are thoroughly absorbed before a customer’s valuable furniture is ever touched. Training also extends to customer care and all staff are trained to be polite and helpful: each member of staff is bound by a code of good practice and we are only too aware that your recommendation can only enhance our name.

A two-way experience

We regard your arrival at your new home with equal importance to the work we undertake with you when leaving your old home. We realise that beyond the practical issues of re-connecting appliances and making sure things are where they are required, there is also the matter of etiquette. We realise it is a matter of sensitivity that when the vans arrive and our staff emerge they should look smart and presentable and move around your new environment with care so as to give the best possible first impression.

Packing and unpacking

If you prefer, we can handle everything; or we can supply everything: tape, boxes, hanger boxes, stuffing. In the first case, we will make a reasonable charge for a very professional service; in the latter, the packing materials are part of an inclusive cost.


We offer a connection and reconnection service for appliances which is carried out thoroughly and with care. If you have any doubts about your connections, please contact your local services supplier.


Please remember to ensure that keys are available on arrival. It’s a small point, but you may not be there when we arrive and it will facilitate matters if access is easily obtained.


The company is fully insured for any contingency but if you have any specific queries, such as extended cover for valuable objects, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Many companies fight shy of moving pianos. This is not surprising, since they are particularly sensitive to being moved and will almost inevitably need retuning if not given the greatest care. While we do not guarantee that your particular upright or grand will be perfectly in tune on arrival, we are certain it will arrive in the best condition possible.

Fine art

At James Removals we have a reputation for our handling of fine art, whether this is small or large paintings and sculpture.


An area often omitted by our competitors is the intelligent care and handling of plants.

No job too difficult...

Sometimes we are asked to do the impossible, or what on first glance appears so. For instance, we were recently requested to move a very heavy safe into a house with little or no access for vehicles. Defying the use of a trolley, we came up with the idea of using a rollered conveyor to move the massive object. Similar valuable or heavy objects including grand pianos and large computers can all be moved by us efficiently and without fuss.